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Street Team

The purpose of this street team is to create a reliable group of individuals that are dedicated to helping TL Publishing Group execute its mission statement, which is to support, strengthen, and build upon the culture of literature and art. All members that are called upon are expected to represent TL Publishing Group at its very best. Team members will be entrusted to act as a representative of TL Publishing Group.  In order to do this, the most important characteristics of our team members are trust and integrity. Any violation of these standards will result in the immediate removal from all volunteer opportunities.

Benefits: Joining a Street Team is a great way to get hands-on experience promoting a favorite cause and/or project. All Street Team members will receive a free online subscription to the Torrid Literature Journal that continues throughout the length of their time on our team.

TL Publishing Group hosts four open mic events each year. Street Team members are commissioned to help promote these events and perform other marketing related tasks as necessary.

This volunteer position is perfect for applicants who live in or near the Tampa Bay area. Street Team members are responsible for their own transportation to events.

Street Team Member: TL Publishing seeks dedicated individuals to assist with promoting their events.

Report to: Alice Saunders / Tiffani Barner


- Promote events. Team members who join our unit will be expected to promote our events through various means, including online through social media networks and offline by word of mouth and passing out fliers. Fliers can by hung at various places for public display (i.e. churches, supermarkets, schools, local businesses, etc.), but members should get permission first or the fliers will be taken down which defeats the purpose.

- Represent TL Publishing at local events, such as open mics and poetry readings.

- Connect and network with artists, businesses, and other individuals.

- Communicate effectively with individuals, potential clients, sponsors, anyone who approaches you with inquires. Understand the mission of every event and execute with professionalism.

- Execute any and all assigned marketing and promotion related tasks.

Qualifications: Ability to work unsupervised from a home office; Demonstrated enthusiasm for TL Publishing Group’s products, services, and events; Ability to work within a team; People oriented, friendly, respectful, and responsible with common sense; ability to adjust to different environments and situations; Proactive and helpful.

To Apply:

Please send an email to with your cover letter and/or resume attached as a Microsoft Word or Adobe .pdf file.

Within your cover letter, please include the following information:

        Your name and contact information

        Links to your blog, website, and social media sites, if applicable

Also, please include a statement that answers the following questions:

       1) Why do you want to join TL Publishing Group’s Street Team?

       2) What prior marketing and promotional experience do you have, if any?

In the subject line of your email please include your name and the title of the position you are applying for.

We will review your application and respond within a reasonable timeframe.

Questions? Send an email to