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We are engaged in the business of publishing because we believe in the power of words. We understand the impact a single story or poem can have on an individual, a group, and society. Readers pick up a book for several reasons. They’re looking for escape, affirmation, entertainment, and/or reprieve. Writers are on the other end of that spectrum. They seek to reveal themselves and share their dreams and experiences with others. Voices want to be heard. Dreams need explaining. Poetry, as with other forms of art, is a medium and an outlet for the transfer of ideals, thoughts, dreams, and experiences.

Outside the general function of entertainment and relief, art has the power to evoke historical, political, emotional, societal, spiritual, and mental movements. People write not for approval but for a cure for what ails them. They write to inspire and to ease each other’s suffering. People write to cause, question, and discuss change. They write to evoke emotions that would otherwise remain dormant. Writers write to boldly declare through their art things that aren’t being said and things worthy of repeat, reprove, and rebuke.

As a publisher, we serve as the humble intermediary working hard to connect writers with their readers. We hope you will consider becoming a sponsor by committing to anyone of the sponsorship levels referenced below. Every contribution plays a fundamental role in the overall success of our vision. We invite you to join us in supporting the vision by becoming an official sponsor of TL Publishing Group. Businesses and individuals will receive valuable sponsorship benefits in exchange for their financial support. In addition, sponsors will have the satisfaction of knowing they’re supporting the culture of art and furthermore, the power to speak.

We also offer monthly and quarterly installment plans for our dedicated sponsors. All Bronze level sponsors and higher will be required to sign a sponsorship agreement.

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DISCLAIMER: TL Publishing Group LLC is not a non-profit company at this time therefore donations are not tax-deductible. However, while we are unable to provide tax-deductible benefits at this time we guarantee that 100% of all donations are used to support our cause for the community of art.