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Blogger - Interviewer

Position: Blogger – Interviewer, unpaid


TL Publishing Group is looking for a blogger who will conduct and share interviews on their literary blog. Interviewees may be authors, writers, poets, editors, publishers, and/or agents. Successful candidates will be expected to create at least one post per quarter.

This position is unpaid, but bloggers will be listed on the Masthead section of our website. This position can be fulfilled remotely.

This position is perfect for applicants who enjoy reading and writing blogs, are familiar with the literary community and publishing industry, and have good proofreading skills. Minimum length of participation is 12 months. Please take this into account before applying.


Conduct at one interview per quarter to be posted on TL Publishing’s blog. Interviews may be shared on other blogging sites.
Report directly to managing editor and provide updates / progress reports as necessary.


Microsoft Word
Familiarity with Wordpress (or willingness to learn)
Internet connectivity & email
Excellent communication skills and attention to detail
Copyedit skills are preferred

How to Apply:

Please send an email to with your cover letter and/or resume attached as a Microsoft Word or Adobe .pdf file.

Within your cover letter, please include the following information: 
     Your name and contact information 
     Links to your blog, website, and social media sites, if applicable 
     Links to or the text of at least two writing samples (required)

Also, please include a statement that answers the following questions: 
    1) Why do you want to join TL Publishing Group’s blog team? 
    2) What does your blogging / writing experience consist of?

In the subject line of your email please include your name and the title of the position you are applying for.

We will review your application and respond within a reasonable timeframe.

Questions? Send an email to  

Posted February 11, 2014. Position open until filled.