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New Release: TLJ Volume XVIII - The Missing Piece
TL Open Mic Night: Saturday, July 30th @ The Bunker from 8-11PM

About Us

Mission Statement: TL Publishing Group LLC is dedicated to contributing to the overall growth and preservation of the culture of literature. TL Publishing Group achieves this by creating products, services, events, and projects that reveal the most talented and unrecognized artists in literature today. TL Publishing Group is a platform where writers can come together in all forms, types, and demographics in order to speak and be heard.

History: The Torrid Literature Journal made its debut January 1, 2012. Although the Torrid Literature Journal launched in 2012, TL Publishing Group started growing roots on October 2010. From 2010-2012, the team at TL Publishing Group spent countless hours shaping and developing the concept and purpose of the Torrid Literature Journal while launching their first call for submissions. The response and feedback received for the first year exceeded expectations and prepared the team for the year ahead.

Now: To date, TL Publishing Group has successfully published over 100 writers in seven volumes of the Torrid Literature Journal. With over 1,000 submissions received from around the world and an average acceptance rate of 20% - 30%, TL Publishing Group is on a positive path to fulfilling its mission.

In addition, to creating the Torrid Literature Journal TL Publishing Group has also created an annual literary contest called “Romancing the Craft of Poetry & Literature”. This contest gives talented writers the opportunity to win special recognition for their literary work including a cash prize and other proceeds. After realizing the success of this contest, TL Publishing Group created another special recognition category known as their Hall of Fame. This provides writers with the opportunity to add a notably achievement to their publication credits.

This dynamic team also collaborates with The Bunker, a local coffee shop, to host open mic events in Tampa, Florida as a way to support artists and bring together the community for a fun filled evening of entertainment.

One of the newest additions to their landscape of noteworthy projects is the launch of their new imprint, Gateway Literature Books. This imprint was created with the mission to provide readers with Christian and inspirational themed literature. Their first book under this imprint, Enter the Gateway, was published August 1, 2013. The team is looking forward to working on their next inspirational book.

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