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New Release: TLJ Volume XVIII - The Missing Piece
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Torrid Literature Journal

Volume XVIII - The Missing Piece

Release Date: April 15, 2016

The first feature in the newest edition of the Torrid Literature Journal is an interview with Yvonne Garrett, Senior Fiction Editor for Black Lawrence Press and co-author of Split Open the Sky: Eternity Overwhelms Me. During this interview Garrett discusses her work at Black Lawrence Press. She also provides advice on writing and publishing while revealing her own personal experiences as an editor and writer.

Following this interview is a diverse collection of poems and short stories where new and familiar writers make an appearance with fresh material that captures memorable moments and dreams. All of these poems and short stories are pieces pulled from the writers’ life. They’ve gone through the task of organizing the pieces into a coherent picture. They’re ready to show readers the finished result.

TL Publishing Group is creating a stunning success through the Torrid Literature Journal with the vital help of contributing writers and other supporters. This work of art was created to support the writers and the overall culture of literature. New and current followers of TL Publishing Group will enjoy the beautiful pictures created by contributing writers from around the world.

Contributors: Jim Sutton; Eli Miles; Joy Roulier Sawyer; Holly Day; Cara Vitadamo; Julia Gowell; Jessica Lynn; Minass Richani; Bailey Duncan; Milt Montague; Sterling Jacobs; Josh Seides; John Grey; Peggy Aylsworth; Joshua J. Koczman; Scott Thomas Outlar; Joseph M. Fornes; Kathleen McGuire; Brianna Meeks; Gary Blankenburg; Michelle Bayha; Gary Beck; Erren Kelly; Anthony Ward; Heather M. Browne; Ty Spencer Vossler; Christina Mengis; Raymund P. Reyes

Volume XVII - Layers & Levels

Release Date: January 25, 2016

TL Publishing Group LLC enters into 2016 with their latest release of the Torrid Literature Journal. Volume XVII Layers & Levels will prove that literature brings people closer to life. The contributing writers in this volume have taken the time to share poems and stories that touch on topics close to their heart. From the positive moments to the darker ones, the writers in this volume will take readers on a trip through the various highs and lows of life.

What’s more, there is a method to the execution of their art. Between the beautifully raw poetry and the carefully crafted stories readers will discover that writers do indeed have layers to their creativity.

These artistic creations are worthy of attention.TL Publishing Group LLC is working to bring more writers into the spotlight and the Torrid Literature Journal is the perfect platform. Readers who enjoy unique outlooks on life will develop an appreciation for the fine literature that regularly graces the pages of this journal.

Contributors: Kevin Murphy; Ashley Jackson; Leopoldo Michael Moraca; Jolene Munch Cardoza; James Sutton; Claire Gellis; Breanne Budaj; Victoria Keogler; Liana Kapelke-Dale; Vincent Klein; Lisbon Tawanda Chigwenjere; Richard Hartwell; Priya Prithviraj; Megan Prestridge; Erren Geraud Kelly; Eli Miles; Beau Boudreaux; Debbie Richard; Ron Riekki; Joy Roulier Sawyer; Bill Kirby; Jonathan Barber; Jennifer Schanne