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Torrid Literature Journal

Volume XII - Tension

Release Date: October 1, 2014

TL Publishing Group wraps up their 2014 year with the Torrid Literature Journal – Volume XII Tension. The work in this volume flawlessly captures the attractiveness of literature as it presents readers with a fine collection of literary material that will put their senses and imagination to work.

The Volume XII writers shed necessary light on the fact that writing is not a means to an end. It is a start to a new beginning. Writing allows people to clear their heart and mind of the clutter and other matter that tends to build up overtime. In the middle of this clean up, people find hidden treasures and other keepsakes as they linger on a forgotten memory or a favorite dream. Other times, they stumble upon a painful experience they’re fighting to escape or a situation they’re struggling to figure out. In any event, writers understand the importance of release and the risks of implosion.

Other highlights from this issue include a new interview with Joanna Kurowska, a writer, teacher, and editor from Evanston, Illinois. To finish, TL Publishing Group announces the 2014 winners of the Romancing the Craft of Poetry & Fiction Contest.
Lovers of the written word do not want to miss what the Volume XII writers have to say as they step up to the proverbial platform to share their memories, dreams, and experiences. Rest assured that each piece of literature carries its own weight worth every moment of the reader’s attention.

Contributors: Joanna Kurowska ; Alicia Cook; Antonio Fernandez; W. S. “Eel” Bericuda; Jolene Munch Cardoza; Courtney Leigh Jameson; Matthew J. Spireng; Yongyu Chen; Ivan de Monbrison; A.J. Huffman; April Scott; Clemencio Bascar; Richard Hartwell; Leonore Wilson; Athar Pavis; James Tyler; Helen Companion; April Salzano; Beau Boudreaux; John Repp; Lee Busby; Andrew Bohn; Craig Cochran; Justin Rose; Bobby Teevans; Jeston Dulin; Desirée Jung; Erren Geraud Kelly; Rachel Vogel Quinn; Lorin Cary; Gloria Keeley; Danny Judge; Amy S. Pacini; Jennifer Palmer; Moneta Goldsmith

Volume XI - The Butterfly Effect

Release Date: July 1, 2014

TL Publishing Group kicks off the second half of their year with the release of the Torrid Literature Journal – Volume XI The Butterfly Effect. This volume highlights the timeless power of art as voices from around the world come together in this single issue. The literature inside of Volume XI is as relevant today as it will be in the future. If you’re curious as to how writers can capture and memorialize a moment of time then this issue is a must read. Artists have the ability to hold people’s emotions and their psyche captive to their imagination and will as they create works of art that seem impossible until it’s been done.

One of the significant features worth mentioning is the new interview with A.J. Huffman, owner of Kind of a Hurricane Press. As someone who has experience as both a writer and an editor, Huffman has some great words of wisdom to impart upon anyone looking to step into the literary field.

True to its nature, TL Publishing Group doesn’t fall short of its goal to provide readers with literary content that will leave them inspired and motivated. Their poetry and fiction section, which makes up the bulk of the issue, is filled with over 30 poems and short stories that cover a multitude of topics from love and loss to dreams, identity, and faith.
Overall, these writers will astonish readers with their phenomenal and unique writing style. It’s not just what they say but how they say what needs to be said. Whether they’re making a repeat appearance or it’s their first time gracing the pages, readers will quickly become attached the literary content that can only be found within the pages of the Torrid Literature Journal.

What’s more, TL Publishing Group always announces their latest literary project and/or event. You don’t want to miss out on the exciting events and publications they have in store for the literary community.

Contributors: Brandon Berman; Changming Yuan ; Jedidaiah Joy Herrera; Gwendylyn Martin; Marcelo Muianga; Richard O’Brien; Kay Gosack; Levi Archer; Joanna Kurowska; Mariel Arriola; James Sutton; Kayla Pumphrey; Tanya Dickinson; Michelle Bayha; Gerald Bergeron; Rebecca Stapley; Rachael Stanford; Erren Geraud Kelly; Thomas Piekarski; Alexandra Cannon; Michael Wakefield; Peycho Kanev; Brittany Gilbert; Amy S. Pacini; Anne Marie Bise; Lauren McCall; Jules A. Riley; Barbara Brockway; G.L. Snodgrass; Frank Scozzari; Stacy Stepanovich

Volume X - Lost

Release Date: April 1, 2014

Join TL Publishing Group as they celebrate National Poetry Month with the release of the Torrid Literature Journal – Volume X Lost. This latest installment in their literary series is their largest one yet with over 40 poems and short stories that perfectly capture the beauty of the written word. The poems herein are as diverse in style and format as they are in topic, yet they all have one thing in common, they all say something worthy of the reader’s attention. The same concept applies to the fiction content. Whether the stories provide laughter, tears, or some other emotion, they without a doubt will entertain the reader. They will capture the reader’s attention with the first opening line and hold the reader’s attention captive to the writer’s creativity. It is worth mentioning that something powerful happens when you combine the imagination of a reader with the creativity of a writer. The connection…the experience is dynamic.

There are several other features worthy of mention. The first is a must read book review of Weathering Wilderness, which is a collection of poems by the late Richard B. Hoffman. Jacob Erin-Cilberto, author of Intersection Blues, is the writer of this reputable review that breaks down the entire book by giving the readers a look at the inside parts that make up the whole collection.

What’s more, TL Publishing Group always has an exciting event or literary happening that is taking place. Inside this issue, they announce the new members of their Hall of Fame for literary excellence. The 2014 members are recognized for their contributions to literature. Another announcement that will capture reader’s attention is the 3rd Annual Romancing the Craft of Poetry and Fiction Contest which started March 1st and continues until June 30th.

Readers can be assured that after reading this issue, they will be inspired to take their celebration of National Poetry Month to the next level by embarking on their own literary endeavors.

Contributors: Jacob Erin-Cilberto; Kay Gosack; A.J. Huffman; Tracey S. Rosenberg; Marissa Laven; Mariel Arriola, Heather Hartung; Kira Webster; Vincent Miskell; George Freek; Nathan Smith; Arpa Makhopadhyay; Miriam Krischner; Clinton Inman; Anne Bise; Alyestal Hamilton; Chris Farrell; Jaimie Miller; Sarah Brown Weitzman; Mollie Kervick; Samontha Forbes; Deborah Rocheleau; Jason Hill; Christina Mengis; Craig Hart; Alexandra Ambrose; Jen Susca; Neha Praseed; Dionne Evans; John Kaniecki; Ankita Anand; Gwendylyn Martin; Kaitlin Artis; Suzane Bricker; Francine Garson; Noah Sebek; Chase Parnell; Kimberly Dorffner



Volume IX - New Ink

Release Date: January 1, 2014

TL Publishing Group kicks off the New Year with the release of the Torrid Literature Journal - Volume IX New Ink. This anniversary issue celebrates the power of the written word by presenting readers with an empowering selection of literary material. Supporters who have already fallen in love with this publication will experience a ripening in their passion for diverse literature. At the same time, readers who are new to this publication will inevitably become engrafted in the unique experience where artistry meets revelation. The place where moments of time, real or imagined, are captured and framed for viewing pleasure.

Volume IX New Ink exemplifies some of the most inspirational and profound voices that exist in the landscape of literature today. In continuing with their theme of providing attention-grabbing interviews, this ninth issue includes an all-new conversation with Grant E. Fetters, a writer from Tennessee. As with previous interviews, this one exposes the motivation and methods behind the artist. This is followed by a collection of over 25 poems and short stories that will renew the reader’s passion for literature.

However, the excitement does not end this literary journal. TL Publishing Group is known for its work towards building and maintaining the vibrant culture of literature by providing several programs that serve as a universal platform where writers can be heard. With the release of this ninth issue, TL Publishing Group is wrapping up voting for their Hall of Fame for literary excellence, while simultaneously getting ready to launch their third literary contest. There has never been a better time to join in on this exploratory journey as TL Publishing Group works to discover and expose the strongest voices in literature, voices that remind us of the power of expression.

Contributors: Amy S. Pacini; Sally Vogl; Sophia Eldridge; Bethany Pauls; Evan Brenan; Clemencio Montecillo Bascar; Jaimie Miller; Jennifer G. Davis; Haylee Rethman; Casmir Hodge; Chang Shih Yen; Elizabeth Musselman; Jacob Erin-Cilberto; Sandra Widner; Gina Marie Mammano V.; Tammy Lynn; Talia Washington; Joseph Sobczak; Sara Elliott; Curtis R. Smith; Dennis Amadeus; Oren Koralashvili; Stephanie McCauley; Beth MacFarlane; Grant E. Fetters; Leah Schwartz; Maureen Lincke; M.C. Barnes; Jennifer Palmer

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