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2014 Hall of Fame Members

Volume V

Amanda Gayle Oliver

Poems: I Never Read the Bell Jar | You’re Gone

Bio: Amanda Gayle Oliver is a Southern Belle by birth and a New Englander by heart. Born and raised in Alabama, Oliver was first published in the Birmingham News at the age of 16. She graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a BA in Literature and Creative Writing. Most recently published in the San Diego Poetry Annual, Torrid Literature Journal, and for Steady Moon Press. Her work has also appeared in the Boston Literary Magazine, Emerge Literary Magazine, Barefoot Review, Lamplighter Review and for the Canadian Alzheimer’s Society. Her poetry and prose concentrate on taking what the world sees as ugly and making it beautiful, giving a voice to the voiceless, and human connection. Oliver has had three plays (Stuck, Elevator Music, and Lines) produced in Alabama. She currently snuggles with her husband in Nashville, TN where she's happiest reading Star Trek: The Next Generation fanfiction or dancing under the Jefferson Street Bridge on a Tuesday Night.



Alice Recker

Story: Winter Solitude

Bio: Alice has been published in Looking Back magazine in 2013 as well as Torrid Literature Journal and successfully edited a memoir Seeking Northwest. She is a contributor to the New Madrid County Missouri History and Families published in 2013. More recently, she has self-published a fiction book in the mystery genre, Heart of the Wheat Shaft which is in paperback and kindle on She does freelance writing for clients who want fiction and non-fiction pieces written. Alice lives in the Kansas City, Missouri area and continues to write.



Volume VI

Jim Landwehr

Poem: Can’t Be Beat

Bio: Jim Landwehr enjoys writing creative non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. His first book, Dirty Shirt: A Boundary Waters Memoir will be released by eLectio Publishing on June 17th, 2014. He has non-fiction stories published in Boundary Waters Journal, Forge Journal and MidWest Outdoors Magazine. His poetry has been featured in Verse Wisconsin, Torrid Literature Journal, Echoes Poetry Journal, Wisconsin People and Ideas Magazine, the Wisconsin Poets Calendar, Off the Coast Poetry Journal, Heavy Bear online magazine and others. He also has a fiction story published on the Free Zombie Fiction Blog. Jim lives and works in Waukesha, Wisconsin.


Connie McDonald

Story: Forbidden

Bio: Connie McDonald is from Dunedin, New Zealand. She just turned 20 years old. McDonald enjoys full immersion in life and the documentation of this through writing, photography and drawing. She is currently studying at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. Her work can be seen at



Volume VII

Shirley Kuo

Poem: Raymond Chandler’s Grave

Bio: Shirley Kuo, is a Pushcart Prize-nominated, sixteen-year-old poet currently residing in sunny California. Her work has previously been published by the Young Adult Review, Episodic, The Cuckoo Quarterly, American Athenaeum, Winter Tangerine Review, Hemingway's Playpen, and others. Kuo breathes for books, early sunrises, and Satie's Gymnopédie No. 1. 


Brittany Zelkovich

Story: Fallen Star

Bio: After conquering short story telling, with multiple publications under her belt, Brittany finds herself delving into the world of Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel Writing. One short novel rough draft awaits editing, as another novel is just beginning. Find her published works online at The Blue Guitar Magazine, The Gila River Review, and of course, Torrid Literature Journal. Also, follow her writing adventures, as well as her Pacific Northwest adventures, at her blog at



Volume VIII

Raquel Laureano

Poem: Invasions

Bio: A first generation Puerto Rican -American, Raquel G. Laureano, is a poet, artist and freelance writer. Using the medium of words, she enjoys painting the emotions and scenarios of life on the canvas of personal experience. When she’s not reading, Raquel devotes her spare time to her creative endeavors. She currently resides in the Windy City.


Grant Fetters

Story: Co-Co’s Toy Box

Bio: Grant E. Fetters East Tennessee Author of 7 fiction and non-fiction books. Children’s, YA, paranormal, & adult fiction. Grant attends 5 different writing groups in the area. His short stories have been accepted for publication in several publications. His current projects are The Magic Cape, a middle grade tale, about a magic towel found mixed in with the family laundry; Crazy, an adult fictional story about an unemployed engineer; and Cooties a children’s story that shows how we have both good and bad cooties.

Books can be ordered from his website or you can contact him at

"Write strong, write often."