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Torrid Literature Journal

Volume VIII - Revolution

Release Date: October 1, 2013

Each issue of the Torrid Literature Journal is special in its own right and Volume VIII Revolution is no exception. TL Publishing Group closes out the 2013 year with continued consistency in presenting readers with a notable literary publication that supports writers and the overall culture of literature.

The Torrid Literature Journal – Volume VIII Revolution includes over 30 beautiful poems and short stories that will captivate lovers of the written word. From poems about love and lost to poems about children, faith, and self-reflection, this diverse collection of inspiring, entertaining, and relatable literature will engage the reader’s attention as they go from page to page on a journey created by the poets who can capture the beauty in even the saddest of moments because this is what literature does. It finds the beauty in everything, even amongst a field of weeds.

In addition to the aforementioned, this issue also announces the winners of the 2nd Annual Romancing the Craft of Poetry & Fiction Contest. This contest has received over double the entries submitted last year. Out of over 400 entries, three stood out the most, which are included in this eighth edition.

Another important aspect of this journal is the featured interview with Jacob Erin-Cilberto, a poet and teacher from Southern Illinois. This captivating interview exposes the heart and mind behind the literary work that has a unique signature that can’t be mimicked but only appreciated. You don’t want to miss what he has to say.

With this said, the Torrid Literature Journal is quickly becoming a walking force that embodies the collaborative voices of the writers who fill up the pages with groundbreaking material. Whether you are new to the Torrid Literature Journal or a veteran supporter, you will quickly become hooked on the literary material that constantly reminds all of us why literature is one of the most profound forms of art that has ever existed.

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Volume VII - Breakthrough

Release Date: July 1, 2013

The release of the Torrid Literature Journal – Volume VII Breakthrough marks the addition of another stop in the ongoing journey chartered by TL Publishing Group as they navigate through the vast landscape of literature. Readers who join TLPG on this expedition will discover a completely new mixture of prose and poetry that cannot be found anywhere else. TLPG is known for its diversity in publishing the work of emerging and experienced writers on an international level including literature written by people from the wide range of 15 to 70 years old.

Several notable features inside this issue include a special interview with Kali – a spoken word artist from Tampa, the announcement of the Torridian Hall of Fame members, and over 25 pieces of literature from traditional and free verse poetry to breathtaking fiction stories that grab your attention with the first line.

From Evolution and Erosion to Breakthrough, TLPG continues to take readers on a journey of growth and revelation for the 2013 year. With the release of their quarterly publications, an annual contest and Hall of Fame induction, and frequent open mic events, TLPG continues to make a trong contribution to the evolution of literature as a culture and movement. Will you take part?

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Volume VI - Erosion

Release Date: April 1, 2013

TL Publishing Group celebrates National Poetry Month with the release of the Torrid Literature Journal – Volume VI Erosion. This sixth edition brings readers a special interview and a broad overview of the spoken word scene in the Tampa, Florida community. In addition, readers will see a fresh collection of material written by new and veteran Torridian writers from around the world.

If readers enjoyed the Evolution issue that kicked of the New Year, then this Erosion issue will quickly grab their hearts with captivating poems such as Idyllic Pain, Inadequate Goodbyes, Boxed In, and Ghost in His Clothes in addition to over 20 more noteworthy reads. This publication concludes its Erosion issue with gripping fiction stories that are enthralling right down to the last line.

With their ongoing programs such as their annual literary contest, the Torridian Hall of Fame, and quarterly open mic events, TL Publishing Group continues to create innovative platforms for writers to speak and be heard. All of these exciting happenings and more are covered in this issue. Supporters of the Torrid Literature Journal will want to add this timeless and valuable publication to their collection.

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Volume V - Evolution

Release Date: January 1, 2013

The Torrid Literature Journal kicks off its second year with a handpicked selection of over 30 phenomenal writers from around the world. This profound issue presents poetry by such writers as James Sutton, Kayla Pumphrey, Kira Tate, Daniel P. Barbare, Catherine Simpson, and many more

Volume V - Evolution will take readers on a unique journey across the vast and diverse landscape of literature. From topics on relationships and life to topics about nature and self reflection, the poetry and fiction sections combined will have readers on the edge of their seat. Reading this fifth volume once will not be enough. Readers will feel compelled to repeat the journey again so that their senses can experience the pleasure of evolution in action.

In addition, readers thirsty for news and information will find their thirst satisfied when they read the featured articles in support of National Book Blitz Month and Library Lovers Month. These two articles give a high level overview of how one can participate in these literary events.

Supporters are encouraged to add this edition to their collection. This fifth volume adds another valuable piece to the picture TL Publishing Group is striving to construct.

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