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Torrid Literature Journal

Volume IV - The D.N.A. of a Poet

Release Date: October 1, 2012

The Torrid Literature Journal closes out its 2012 debut year with Volume IV – The D.N.A. of a Poet. This breakthrough issue will leave readers eager for more of the content they have become accustomed to. Not only does this issue bring forth a vast array of inspiring literary content, but this special volume announces the winners of TL Publishing’s First Annual Romancing the Craft of Poetry and Fiction Contest. This forth volume comes with promises; promises for the contributors and the audience. The Torrid Literature Journal is an avenue, a means for writers to speak and be heard. There is no censorship or moderation when it comes to the material that graces the pages of the Torrid Literature Journal.

Readers will laugh, cry, reminisce, scream, and experience much more all for the sake of literature. The feeling that someone foreign to the reader, was able to write a poem or story that dug deep, planted seeds, and sprouted roots of hope, inspiration, relief, and entertainment. Once you have been exposed to this unique Torridian content, you can’t help but feel compelled to pick up the next edition that falls in the family line.

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Volume III - The Forgotten Art

Release Date: July 1, 2012

Featured columnists, talented poets, and amazing fiction writers make Volume III of the Torrid Literature Journal a phenomenal edition. If you enjoyed Volume I – Rediscovering the Passion and Volume II – The Bare Naked Truth then you will fall in love with this must read third edition that contains a wealth of literary content. From the start you will be exposed to literary articles that intend to broaden a general writer’s knowledge base. This is only the beginning as you move forward to the largest section of the publication: poetry. With over 30 poems written by 20 poets, you will become immersed in the diverse collection that will quickly settle in your hearts. It is guaranteed, you will read it once, twice, and once more because you will become addicted to the effects your mind experience. The excitement does not end here though. The stories that make up the fiction section are bold, intense, and not for the weak. Get ready to have your mind held captive to the literary geniuses that make this publication phenomenal in its own right. Witness the power of a Torridian at work.

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Volume II - The Bare Naked Truth

Release Date: April 1, 2012

After its groundbreaking debut, the Torrid Literature Journal returns with its second volume, called “The Bare Naked Truth”. With twelve additional pages, this second edition brings you guest columnists, extensive amounts of beautiful poetry, and gripping fiction you won’t be able to put down.

Professional writer Valerie Douglas, steps in as one of the guest columnists to discuss the pros and cons of traditional publishing vs. self-publishing. Writers looking to publish in either field are strongly encouraged to read this article. The next guest columnist, Oneal Walters, is a Toronto born poet, who talks about the importance of understanding the purpose of our craft. You don’t want to miss out on this empowering article.

Inspired yet? The Torrid Literature Journal is just getting started. What follows these highly engaging articles is a beautiful array of diverse poetry that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of dreams, experiences, and confessions. Starting with poems such as “Prima Donna” and “Amelia”, you’ll immediately fall in love with the written word. The journal then takes you up to the heights of literature with poems like “Anthem for the 90s from a Singer Who Lost His Voice” and “Steeper See-Saw”. Poems such as these will remind you why this art has the powerful voice that it does today. The journal then takes you on a few twists and turns, finally ending the poetic experience with “Law and Justice” and “Be the One You Dream”.

The journey is topped off with compelling fiction stories that will pull you from this reality and into the writer’s world. You’ll laugh, cry, and scream as these gifted writers take you on the individual journeys their characters are faced with.

We guarantee you’ll close the last page craving more of the “Torridian” content that can only be found in the Torrid Literature Journal. So welcome home.

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Volume I - Rediscovering The Passion

Release Date: January 1, 2012

Torrid Literature is proud to present Volume I of the quarterly Torrid Literature Journal. This inaugural issue brings you select poetry and fiction from writers all over the world and at varying stages of their career. With a special introduction by the editors followed by articles concerning the passion of writing, you won’t be left lacking in entertainment or inspiration. Titled “Rediscovering the Passion”, this 28 page edition is making its humble but notable debut into the literary industry. With poems such as, “Nodes of Fantasy”, “Me & Sand”, “Symmetry”, and over twenty others, you won’t be able to put this journal down without being compelled to pick it up again; only to rediscover the passion once more.

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