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New Release 4/1/15: Torrid Literature Journal - Vol. XIV Chaos



New Release April 1st:
Torrid Literature Journal - Vol. XIV Chaos
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Contributors: Richard Spilman; Dean K Miller; Monica Lynn Moraca; Marchell Dyon Jefferson; William Doreski; Cara Vitadamo; Nikki Johnson; James Sutton; Chrystal Berche; Tyler Pufpaff; Jacobs Sterling; James Croal Jackson; David Rutter; Gloria Keeley; Jim Landwehr; Robert Joe Stout; Scott Honeycutt; Richard Spilman; M.E. Lerman; Carolyn D. Elias; Hannah Dellabella; Sandra Rokoff-Lizut; Nikita Hernandez; Amy S. Pacini; Jacob Erin-Cilberto; Smita Sriwastav; Suzane Bricker; Casmir Hodge; Chris Negron; A. Leigh Corbett; James Bezerra; Sophie Kidd; Laura Baird; Sidney Mann; Cheyenne Proffitt; Megan Hughes



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